Upper Limb

We are dedicated to providing each patient with the physical and functional restoration they require.

With guidance from your prosthetist at Lundt Orthotics & Prosthetics Inc you will be able to make an informed decision regarding the right upper limb prosthesis. This will ensure you’re able to regain independence in leisure & work activities.

Above Elbow Prosthetics

As an above elbow amputee, it is important to choose an elbow & wrist unit as well as a prosthetic hand that can perform the actions required for your lifestyle. You need to select the right solution in strength, speed, look and natural movement. A custom manufactured prosthetic socket together with the appropriate suspension method will ensure a comfortable/secure fit.

Below Elbow Prosthetics

For the upper-limb prosthetic user there’s choice in wrist units, providing rotation and the ability to interchange prosthetic hands. With the guidance of your prosthetist you will select a prosthetic hand that will give you the ability to grasp, hold, lift & manoeuvre objects. To integrate your prosthesis into your overall body image you can opt for a natural appearance cosmetic glove.

Partial Hand Prosthetics

With the realistic appearance, this prosthesis is not discernible to others at first glance. Made from high quality silicone. Easy to clean and care for. Provides more options in gripping, holding and grasping.