Compression Garments

Elegant, stylish or sporty!

Soft and elegant stockings for ladies. Stylish sock design for men. Top quality sport compression gear.

Always consult with your physician first before wearing medical compression stockings!

When do I need to wear compression stockings? Medical(graduated) compression stockings are indicated for the following:
• Diabetes
• Travel
• Pregnancy
• Sport
• Chronic & Acute Venous Diseases
• Deep Vein Thrombosis(DVT)
• Leg Ulcer
• Varicose Veins
• Lymphedema
• Thrombosis prophylaxis(post-surgery/impaired mobility)

Arm Sleeves

Flat Knit

Soft and air permeable. Fits a wide range of arm shapes.

Farrow Wrap

This short-stretch compression wrap system is especially suited for patients with fluctuating oedema, rebound oedema and donning & doffing problems.


Self-adjustable garment to customise to individual patient's morphology. Easy to slip on, easy to remove. Mitten can be rolled back during manual activity.