Lower Limb

At Lundt Orthotics & Prosthetics inc. we take special care to align ourselves with each patient’s unique needs, lifestyle requirements and goals when creating the ideal prosthetic solution.

As Prosthetists, we create a long-term relationship with each patient in which communication and trust is key. With a high quality, custom manufactured prosthetic socket and carefully selected prosthetic components you can resume the activities that are important to you as an individual.

Above Knee Prosthetics

For you as an above knee amputee there’s a knee & ankle joint solution to fit all different activity levels and physical lifestyle challenges. Giving you stability and manoeuvrability!

It is important to understand & know your current physical wellbeing (balance, stamina, strength) as well as your future potential/goals. Your selective choice of suspension method will give you a secure fit together with ease of donning & doffing.

Below Knee Prosthetics

For a below knee prosthetic user your selected suspension method(s) and prosthetic foot(feet) will provide you with the opportunity to resume work, leisure & sport activities.

Your new prosthesis together with good health & muscle strength will provide you with security and confidence in every step you take.

Partial Foot Prosthetics

Realistic, silicone slip-on design.