Breast Prostheses

Nelmarie offers a professional service in assessment for and fitting of breast prostheses.

She passionately provides for each individual patient a service and product to fit their unique needs and lifestyle.

Breast Prostheses

We provide only the highest, tested quality silicone breast prostheses. With its gentle, silky feel on your skin it adapts well to the body and its natural movement.

A variety of shapes, sizes, weights & cup volumes are available to restore symmetry. Choice between flesh or light brown coloured breast prostheses available.

The best solution for the post-op/healing phase or sensitive scar/skin areas is the initial care breast form made from woven fabric with a fibrefill filling.

Lingerie & Swimwear

We provide a wide variety of special purpose bras and swimwear with exclusive features tailored for breast prostheses wear. Stylish, fashionable & comfortable whilst ensuring secure/proper breast prostheses placement.